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Who is a traumatologist?

A traumatologist is a specialist who diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. This profession combines traumatology (urgent measures to be taken in case of injuries and damages of bones, muscles, ligaments) and orthopedics (planned measures and prevention of diseases of the spine, legs, etc.)

Why do patients choose traumatologists and orthopedists of Euromed Clinic?

Our doctors have received excellent education and extensive experience in the treatment of injuries and deformities of the musculoskeletal system. They are familiar with the specifics of various injuries (domestic, sports, received in road accidents), they know modern methods of treatment and have modern equipment and materials. At Euromed Clinic you will be quickly put back on your feet!

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Intra-articular injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP therapy) Schedule an appointment
Immobilization of one region of vertebral column Schedule an appointment
Extensor muscle tendon suture Schedule an appointment
Lower limb immobilization Schedule an appointment
Collar bone immobilization Schedule an appointment
Upper limb immobilization Schedule an appointment
Closed reduction of fracture Schedule an appointment
Forcible reduction of luxation Schedule an appointment
Forcible reduction of luxation Schedule an appointment
Medicamental blockade Schedule an appointment
Plaster cast modelling Schedule an appointment
Retentive bandage Schedule an appointment
Forcible reduction of subluxation of head of radius Schedule an appointment
Cast removal Schedule an appointment
Joint puncture Schedule an appointment
Traumatologist's consultation Schedule an appointment
Surgeon-orthopedist's consultation Schedule an appointment

When should I visit a traumatologist or an orthopedist?

  • At any injuries
  • At pain in back, joints
  • At severe pain after physical work, training.

What happens during a traumatologist’s appointment

The doctor interviews and examines the patient. If necessary, he prescribes additional investigations, for example, an X-ray. The traumatologist can administer medications to relieve pain and immobilize the wounded limb. A treatment schedule is developed with regard to the data obtained and the patient’s individual peculiarities. When choosing a treatment method, traumatologists and orthopedists of Euromed Clinic always take into account possible complications, severity of the injury and the patient’s condition.


What are advantages and disadvantages of a “plastic” cast over a traditional one?

A “plastic” cast (turbocast, HM-cast, scotch cast, soft cast) is 4-5 times lighter than a traditional one. It has the structure which allows air to pass through, so the broken limb itches less. It is easier to go for a walk in the cooler seasons because it is not as cold as with a traditional cast. Some types of modern casts make it possible to bathe (for example, turbocast). A “plastic” cast does not crumble as the traditional one. The disadvantages are not numerous: firstly, it is more expensive, and secondly, it is impossible to remove or somehow modify it (it is only possible at the clinic and only with a special saw).

How to prevent “mountain skiing” injuries?

One of the most common causes of ski injuries is that this sport is seasonal. People, who have been much less physically active during the year, stain themselves on the slope. The muscles can not stand it, and as a result of the fall the knees, the tibia, and even the spine can get injured. The conclusion is simple: those who love mountain skiing should also be fit during the off-season. Football, basketball, flexibility exercises (bending, swinging, “bicycle”) are especially beneficial. You should pay attention to leg and back muscles, and even black slopes will not be a problem for you.

How do I know if I have osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone density decrease. Women after a menopause suffer from it more often, but sometimes this disease can begin sooner, due to calcium depletion. Each third woman and each fifth man over 40 suffer from osteoporosis and find out their diagnosis only after a sudden fracture in situations that would not have caused such consequences before. Sure, we all would like to know about osteoporosis in advance and start taking measures before anything is broken. Osteoporosis can be tested using densitometry, a technology that allows you to determine bone density.

There are X-ray, ultrasound and computer-tomographic kinds of densitometry.The densitometry data undergoes computer analysis, during which the sizes, thickness, porosity of bones are calculated, and their bulk density is determined. Besides, a blood test can also help to detect the disease. The doctor pays attention to such indicators as alkaline phosphatase, osteocalcin, common calcium, inorganic phosphorus and a few others.

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