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Doctors of Euromed family clinic have been providing permanent primary care and comprehensive medical check-ups for patients of all ages from St. Petersburg and the nearest regions since 1999. Patients come to us with a wide range of medical issues and health issues like cuts, strains, bone fractures, short-term diseases, annual medical state estimations, diabetes, high blood pressure and for disease-prevention service.
About Euromed
Urologic surgery.
Minimally invasive surgeries. One day preparation. Quick rehabilitation.
Get vaccinated against COVID-19!
Sputnik-V is available at Euromed Clinic.
Diagnostics and treatment of coronavirus
We offer a quick and convenient coronavirus test in the clinic and at home, antibody testing and patient follow-up.
Noninvasive treatment in thoracic surgery.
Treatment of pneumothorax and hydrothorax. Thoracoscopy with biopsy.
Laparoscopy in abdominal surgery.
Hernioplasty, treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, gallbladder removal.
New: PRP-therapy for knee pain
Treatment for Knee Arthritis: PRP injections
Tips for healthy eyes!
Proven medical methods for Preventing Vision Loss.
The importance of Check-ups
Our doctor shares one rare medical case happened to the patient from Kiribati.
Diagnostic Department in Euromed
Everything you need to know about USD in one article.