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An ENT specialist is a clinical medicine specialist who treats ear, nose and throat diseases. An ENT specialist not only prescribes conservative treatment, but also performs surgeries, if necessary.

An ENT specialist not only treats diseases but also improves the patient’s quality of life, since this branch of medicine concerns breathing, hearing and speaking.

Why do patients choose ENT specialists of Euromed Clinic?

ENT doctors of Euromed Clinic are specialists with excellent education and extensive clinical experience. They participate in medical conferences, improve their skills and knowledge, and most importantly, they treat each patient with care and attention.

What ENT services do we provide?

  • Specialist’s consultation
  • Earwax removal
  • Removal of a foreign object from the nose and ears
  • Removal of adenoids
  • Removal of tonsils

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What diseases does an ENT specialist treat?

  • Rhinitis, sinusitis;
  • Chronic diseases of tonsils and adenoids, vocal folds and the larynx;
  • Crooked septum;
  • Polyps, cysts and papillomas in the nose;
  • Foreign object in the nose or ears;
  • Laryngitis, pharyngitis, angina, tonsillitis, acute respiratory disease or acute respiratory viral infection;
  • Otitis and ear discharge;
  • Inflammation and blockage of the Eustachian tube;
  • Diseases of the inner ear and the auditory nerve;
  • Degenerative and vascular ear diseases;
  • Decrease and loss of hearing, anomalies of auditory perception;
  • Some manifestations of allergies, bronchial asthma.

When should I visit an ENT specialist?

You should visit an ENT specialist, when you have following symptoms:

  • Pain when swallowing, sore throat, cough;
  • Difficulty breathing, swelling of the nasopharynx;
  • Long-term runny nose;
  • Recurrent colds;
  • Earache;
  • Noise in ears;
  • Hearing loss;
  • New growths in the nose;
  • Frequent nosebleeds and other symptoms related to the nose, the throat, or ears.

What happens during an ENT specialist’s appointment

The ENT specialist interviews the patient and examines his throat, nose and ears using a special flashlight. He can also use an otoscope to examine ears. Sometimes the specialist prescribes additional investigations such as an x-ray of the sinuses. When the diagnosis is made, the ENT outlines a treatment regimen, taking into account the situation and the patient’s body peculiarities.


When should adenoids be removed?

Only if adenoiditis cannot be treated conservatively. For example, long-term use of nasal corticosteroids can help to avoid surgery in 80% of cases and significantly decrease symptoms.

These medications are well tolerated if used and dosed correctly. If the surgery is still necessary, we can perform it in our in-patient department. Contrary to popular belief, modern anesthesia is harmless, and surgery risks are minimal.

How to distinguish sinusitis from a common cold?

Sinusitis is paranasal sinuses inflammation. Sinusitis usually begins, when the patient has had a runny nose for a long period of time. People with deflected septum, adenoids, allergies and weak immunity are the most likely to have such disease.

Symptoms characteristic of sinusitis: loss of smell, heavy headedness, pain in the temples and the bridge of the nose, temperature of 37-38. Working capacity decreases, the person constantly feels tired. Sinusitis should be treated by the ENT specialist, otherwise major complications can occur.

How to get fewer colds?

Viral infections are not related to hypothermia. However, hypothermia can increase susceptibility to viruses. Therefore, the only way to prevent cold is cold water treatment. It consists in training the skin and vessels to react quickly to temperature changes. One should not “wrap up”; cold douches and a contrast shower are very useful.

A good quality sleep and healthy digestive system also prevent colds and other diseases. Cold water treatment is possible at any age. Please visit our ENT specialist to get recommendations that are right for you.

How to book an appointment?

  • Online appointment is the fastest and most convenient way. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It takes less than 5 minutes to schedule!
  • You can also call us at + 7 812 327 03 01 (24/7), and the call-centre specialists will schedule an appointment whenever convenient to you.
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