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A chiropractor is a doctor who restores muscles, joints, ligaments and organs of a patient to their correct position using a complex contact massage.

As a rule a chiropractor is a neurologist or an orthopedic surgeon who has undergone special retraining. In addition to theoretical knowledge a chiropractor must have high practical qualifications. This is a very “individualized” specialty, in which “good hands” and medical intuition mean a lot.

What does a chiropractor treat?

The patients usually see a chiropractor when they have back pain. However, this does not exhaust his competenceю The chiropractor treats:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • lumbago, thoracalgia;
  • intervertebral disc hernia;
  • scoliosis and other postural disorders;
  • pain and numbness of the limbs;
  • headache, dizziness and vegetovascular hypertension;
  • cerebrovascular disorders and many other problems and symptoms.

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What happens during a chiropractor’s appointment

At the first appointment a chiropractor interviews a patient, then palpates him and checks his joint mobility, muscle tension, the degree of pain in his joints, muscles and ligaments. According to the data obtained, the doctor makes assumptions about the patient’s issues and plans the treatment schedule. The doctor may also prescribe X-ray or MRI for more accurate diagnostics of spinal disc hernias and other disorders, and also to calculate the load correctly.

What happens to joints with age?

The vertebrae is jointed with three types of joints:

  • joints between vertebral bodies (intervertebral discs are the most important components);
  • joints between vertebral arches;
  • joints between vertebrae and ribs.

A human is a bipedal creature, and a human who lives in a city is also an “upright sitting” creature. Joint nutrition becomes disrupted with age. Along with long-term overload, it leads to thinning of the inter-articular gaps and soft tissue surfaces of the joints. The joints become inflamed and unstable. As the distance between bones decreases, ligaments are stretched. If you do not form additional support from the muscle corset, the body will expand the articular surfaces, which will reduce pain, increase the stability of the joints, but also limit their mobility.

Besides, disc hernias may occur. Weak or unevenly developed muscles cannot support the spine in the correct physiological position, especially during sedentary work. The body is bent all the time, and when it’s bent, the anterior sections of the intervertebral discs are gradually “squeezed” back. One move may be enough at some point: the system would not withstand, and the contents of the joints would be squeezed back, closer to the spinal cord. This is how a hernia is formed.

Then spinal roots are compressed in narrowed intervertebral openings and pain occurs. However, in most cases back pain is caused by muscles. In such cases, segmental massage is also recommended. It helps to stretch muscles supporting the spine which leads to the release of their spasm.

How to book an appointment?

  • Online appointment is the fastest and most convenient way. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It takes less than 5 minutes to schedule!
  • You can also call us at + 7 812 327 03 01 (24/7), and the call-centre specialists will schedule an appointment whenever convenient to you.
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