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untitled--3Partnership with Euromed Clinic

In the right place at the right time!

We open first aid rooms at large factories and in premium hotels, we take care of diplomats, politicians and pop-stars, we travel on superliners and look after international students’ health.

In every case we design an individual programme for our partnership, so that we can consider every detail of our client’s personnel and business processes in the best possible way.

Our partners are always welcome for a tour around our clinic. For you, it is a chance to see why you can rely on us and entrust us your employees’ and partners’ health.

Corporate clients can register at our clinic through a direct contract with a discount, or through private medical insurance companies.

Do you have a question on our corporate services? Please, contact our corporate sales director Taras Sobolev by phone +7 812 327 03 01 or email sobolev@euromed.ru

For corporate clients: a company agreement

Flexibility is our second name. A construction site or a large factory? We will provide it with a first aid room. A traditional office? We will schedule onsite health check-ups and a vaccination programme. As for doctor’s appointments and the day patient department, they will be arranged in our clinic. We work with consuls and top managers of large companies. No matter what your company specialisation is, we can offer you a special price: up to 20% off our individual price list.

Contact our manager Taras Sobolev sobolev@euromed.ru

For hospitality industry: agreements with hotels

In the largest hotels of St. Petersburg, Euromed doctors are responsible for the health of their guests and personnel. Running a small B&B? We will check your first aid kit, will instruct you how to administer first aid and will be ready to send our ambulance crew. A hotel might not have our first aid room — in that case our Euromed Express ambulance will respond to a call within 3-4 minutes, no matter how simple the issue is. Is it a runny nose? We are on our way. Is patient’s visa about to expire? We can sort it out.

Contact our manager Taras Sobolev sobolev@euromed.ru

For educational institutions: treatment of international students

We provide healthcare for teachers and students on exchange programmes in Russia — within insurance cover or on individual partnership conditions with educational institutions. We also issue health and safety materials, and give free lessons to international students on how to adapt to the new climate and environment.

Contact our manager Konstantin Shitarev shitarev@euromed.ru

Partnership with private medical insurance companies

We offer proper assessment of necessary medical treatment, skillful communication and quick medical services. We guarantee high-quality services without any excessive ones: a payment refusal percent for the clinic’s services is extremely small. Our conditions for insurance companies are probably the best in the city: we offer a price of 40% of our individual price list.

Contact our manager Taras Sobolev sobolev@euromed.ru

Pre-insurance check-ups — agreements with banks or insurance companies

We can schedule a check-up for your client in the evening or on Saturday. The doctor’s opinion is ready on the day of the check-up. The price for a comprehensive check-up will be personally calculated for your company.

Contact our manager Taras Sobolev sobolev@euromed.ru

For foreign insurance companies: direct insurance billing

Euromed is the main partner of foreign insurance companies in St. Petersburg. Our contract chain is the widest in the city — more than 150 direct contracts. We work with diplomatic missions and top managers of large international companies.

Contact our manager Taras Sobolev sobolev@euromed.ru

Event support, ambulance event service

Euromed has considerable experience in supporting top level meetings, conferences, international seminars and official visits, as well as in ambulance event service (concerts, festivals). We take care of the risks for any medical issue that may occur during an event. If required, all the necessary emergency procedures are performed at the event site, and then patient is transported to the in-patient facility which takes less than 15 minutes.

Contact our manager Taras Sobolev sobolev@euromed.ru

For shipping agencies: agreements with shipping agencies

You can entrust us health of the people travelling in the waters of the North West region. We can coordinate emergency care in the port of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Vysotsk, and Ust-Luga, arrange hospital admission to one of the leading medical centres of the region and take care of the treament process. Our personnel on duty have valid passes to the sea port of St. Petersburg.

Contact our manager Natalia Rodicheva  business@euromed.ru

For cruise lines: treatment of the crew and tourists

If we can drive, then we will drive. If we can’t, then we will sail or fly: our helicopter takes off in less than 3 hours after your call. We can arrange not only medical care and transportation, but also comprehensive administrative support: we will get in touch with the consulate and relatives, sort out visa issues and, if it is necessary, arrange repatriation.

Contact our manager Natalia Rodicheva  business@euromed.ru